caroling update

My second caroling season is going well, I had a gig for a church dinner in Melbourne last friday night, and I arrived to meet my fellow singers for the first time. We did two sets on stage on mic, as well as a round of tableside singing. It all went very well. It was a pleasure to sing with these experienced and accomplished performers.
from l-r: Bob, Michelle, Tiffany and Rick.
photo courtesy of Ken Middlebrook photography

UPDATE Another photo just forwarded by Ken M.:


Bush doesn’t have a clue

Planned Parenthood just sent us a message about a new Bush administration appointee, who is anti-birth control and anti-family planning. Even worse, he’s been put in charge of the country’s family planning program.

Eric Keroack was the medical director of five so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that oppose contraception and do not distribute information promoting birth control. In Keroack’s new role, he will oversee hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding meant to provide access to contraception and reproductive health information. This politically motivated appointment is not in the health interest of women and families.

You can take action by clicking the link below. Thanks.