Makeshift music video

Here’s a new video with our quartet Makeshift:

Our partner and percussionist Scott Rubox Pausal did the camera work. I worked on it over 4 weekends, and in the process taught myself Adobe Premiere elements.

The song Bye Bye Blues was written in 1930 and was a hit for Les Paul and Mary Ford in 1952.

Some tech notes:

Audio recorded on a Zoom H1 2-track digital recorder

Audio equalized. reverbed and mastered in Audacity opensource freeware. Final audio cut is a combination of two takes. The audio track is available for download at

Video shot with Panasonic DMC LX5 in SD widescreen.  Nice wide angle on this camera – 24mm equiv.

Video edited with Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0.

Windows 7

I was looking for an old video edit that was not in my digital records, so I pulled out the old camcorder to check the 8mm tapes.    When I plugged the camcorder into our new Windows 7 PC, a Windows Live Gallery dialogue box popped up giving some options for importing the video.  One of the options was “make DVD of the entire tape”.

I tried it and it works like a charm.  It broke the 60 minutes of video into about 18 chapters and created a menu with preview video.   WOOT!   I’ve got about 15 hours of 8mm recordings from 1992 – 2005.   I’ll be transferring them all to DVD in the next few months.

BTW, I found the brief video project I was looking for :