Spacecoast half marathon

I ran my 6th half marathon on Sunday (11/27).   This is me near the end, alongside the Indian River lagoon. My time was pretty average for me (2:24).  Plantar fasciitis was killing me later that evening, but 24 hrs after run, heel is almost back to normal.

Run, Fish, Sing

Makeshift was booked for a private anniversary event in Rockledge Sunday afternoon.  Seth planned to meet the Wickham Park runners for a multi-lap ultra trail run Sunday morning, and invited me to join him.  I wanted to get some fishing in while near the coast. A plan emerged.

I loaded up my car Saturday night with fishing gear, barbershop costuming, running shoes, a jug of water, and a towel, plus my kayak strapped to the top. Seth was to arrive at my house for a 5:45am departure.

My phone somehow went into hibernation and the alarm failed to go off. I happened to awake and notice the time was 5:40am. No time for food or caffeine, I pulled some shorts on and grabbed a shirt and found Seth waiting in the driveway. I took a few minutes to get my phone rebooted and we were on our way.

Got to Melbourne and grabbed a black coffee at a Macdonalds drive through.  Seth provided a powerbar for me, and we got to the Wickham Park race site 15 minutes before the 7:30am start.   This informal running group is made up of hardcore long distance runners. They prefer running in the Florida summer because its harder. And the more sand on the trail the better. Their plan was to run 9 laps for a total of 56 kilometers.    The trail is poorly marked and runners frequently get off track. The dozen participants broke into two groups and I ran the first lap with the “speed is overrated” group. For the one lap it was not terribly challenging, quite scenic, and I generated a good sweat which soaked my clothes.  See a facebook collection of photos, and full race results here.

Seth on lap 4

After the lap, I bailed from the group, re-hydrated, and drove off to find a put in spot for the kayak. Across the river near Patrick AF base, I launched the yak for nearly 2 hours of paddling and casting. I was armed with a top water plug on one rod and a 1/8 oz jig on the other. It was a pretty barren area with dirty water and no seagrass. I worked my way out to a couple of mangrove islands and drifted and cast around them. I hooked a healthy 20″ trout just a few feet from my boat, fought and thrashed with it a bit, and pulled it on board to pin it between my calves.  She was unhooked and released.  I only had one other strike, but I call it a success.   It was the 2nd largest fish I’ve ever landed on the yak.

Headed back to Wickham Park to pick up Seth after his 4th lap, stopping enroute at a 7-11 for a sandwich and some gatorade.  We set out for Rockledge and stopped at a YMCA on the way to shower and change for our Makeshift gig at 2pm. We arrived in plenty of time for the 1pm setup and soundcheck.  It was a 60th anniversary party for Pete Anderson’s inlaws, and the Knights of Columbus hall was packed. We sang  The Lords Prayer for the vow renewal ceremony, then during supper had a 30 minute stage show, and followed up with some tableside singing.  We included some straight up barbershop material (at request of the honorees) but also had beatboxer Scott P. with us to support some of our rocking contemporary repertoire.  All in all, a great afternoon with good food, good friends, cold beer, and some great singing.

Home and collapse by 6:30pm.


race report, 2/13/11

It was the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, and it was an ocean of Pink.   4,000 runners in the half, and 1600 runners in the full marathon.  Plus many more doing the marathon as a relay event.

I was worried because of my plantar fasciitis problem, I haven’t trained for the last 6 weeks.  The longest I’ve run is 3.2 miles.  My foot held up fine for the race, although I’m limping several hours afterwords.  My difficulty was the pain and lower body fatigue in the last 3 miles from failure to train.  I walked the first mile and a half with daughter and her friend Nicki from UF.   Nicki was not an athlete, and Gina hung with her and walked the entire half marathon.

It was in the 30’s at the start of the race, but warmed up nicely.

Still I came in at 2:42 for the half marathon.     Not too shabby, my PR for a half marathon is 2:15.

so this is how it can happen

That is what I was thinking as I bounced off the hood of car while crossing six-lane Semoran this morning near the start of my run.   The light turned green while I was crossing in front of stopped cars, but there was one open lane and a driver came on through.   I thank god that he was paying attention enough to hit the brakes so it was a slow-speed collision, but a collision nonetheless.  I rolled onto the asphalt and then got to my feet.   I’m just fine.  I reassured the drivers and waved them on their way, and I finished my run.    I’m extra thankful today.

running update

The florida racing season has come to a close.  It was about this time last year that I set my sites on training for Disney.    The next big race I plan on is the local OUC half marathon on 12/4/2010, so its been a little hard to keep my weekly motivation up for running.  Its real easy to slip into only a couple of short runs to the Y every week   I definitely want to stay in shape, keep my weight down, and be prepared for a quick ramp up to 13 mile readiness.

Therefore, I’ve adopted two easily attainable goals:

  • run at at least 10 miles a week, something I can do with two runs and take weekends off
  • run a sub-30 minute 5K (which I’ve never done but I’m sure I can with a little effort)

So far so good, last week 12.3 miles, and this week I did a 6.3 and a 5.2 mile run on Monday and Wednesday respectively.  Easy.