I was in a long meeting this morning with a large tech company who unveiled their objectives for redesign and upgrade of their major product. Among the objectives was to “provide a delightful user experience”.

Initially I thought it a curious choice of word – but as it revealed itself, I think I get it. By delightful, they mean simple, easy, customizable and intuitive. All of those points are excellent usability measures. Its very Web 2.0, and what many users have come to expect.

So, “delightful”?? That does describe the extreme opposite of many user experiences these days.


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I was invited for a short lesson and took a little spin on a segway at work. It is a little tricky, and I suspect it is not for everyone. I almost spilled at one point going down the sidewalk.

These things are HEAVY too – I couldn’t lift one into a truck bed if I had to.

don’t expect a solution anytime soon

we may need dilbertIn response to a new problem/issue at work, I received an email today that offered no suggestions whatsoever, but actually concluded:

We may need further dialog to advance any considerations.

ps. this is one of the rare occasions when I will use “actually” in a sentence. Its atrociously overused, IMHO.
pps. Also, in the illustration, a rare instance when the Comic Sans MS font is appropriate, again, mercilessly overused.

Higher Ed in the 21st Century

jetsons 2Read this farsighted vision of higher ed from the perspective of 2085! It includes students who send their “iPersons” to orientation; grade superinflation institutionalized as a “best practice.” ; and the only remaining discipline is that of ebusiness to serve the world’s three remaining megamultinational corporations – Procter & Google, Nikacom, and DisneyWorks.

enjoy, and happy new year,