UCF announces program cuts

Ouch. 2 of them are online programs. 51 faculty and staff, and 1,000+ students affected. The students will be given 2 years to complete their programs. We’ve postponed this action as long as possible. FSU and UF have previously announced cuts. State funding is drying up.

(what does it say that UCF went to youtube.com to distribute this video instead of our own resources?)
News release here.

Music trivia

Item One

Remember the song “Seasons in the Sun?”  It was a number one hit in 1974, recorded by Terry Jacks.   Its a pretty grim song, told from the perspective of a dying man addressing his friends and family.    The song was originally written and recorded by French pop singer Jaques Brel in 1961, and Rod McKuen of all people interpreted the English lyrics.   As mawkish as the original is, Terry Jacks chose to omit one of McKuen’s verses about his wifes infidelity:

Adieu, Francoise, my trusted wife, without you I’d have had a lonely life.
You cheated lots of times but then, I forgave you in the end though your lover was my friend.
Adieu, Francoise, it’s hard to die when all the birds are singing in the sky.
Now that spring is in the air, With your lovers ev’rywhere;  just be careful, I’ll be there.

Could it be because Jacks was separated from his wife at the time of the recording?  The song has been covered dozens of times.  Terry Jacks himself produced a version by the Beach Boys, but when they declined to release it, he decided to record it himself, and voila: one hit wonder.  (Thanks Coverville and wikipedia.)

Item Two


The current grammy-winning hit by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant titled “Gone, Gone, Gone” was originally written and released by The Everly Brothers in 1964. Listen: http://listen.grooveshark.com/songWidget.swf
   I found the original on Rhapsody and grooveshark (above), and it sounds pretty weak in comparison to the 2008 hit.    (thanks Hair Peace.)

sound design

Check out Austen’s latest film making exercise.   The visuals are good (once he gets to the photo backgrounds), but the sound effects and music are awesome and make this work!

Alien Attack from swruler9284 on Vimeo.

its not on his website, i caught this on facebook.

The Wheel

Busy weekend – Smothers Brothers friday night with the P’s; Gina’s dual regatta Saturday morning; Asleep at the Wheel at the Orange Blossom Opry Saturday night; Makeshift on stage at the Winter Park Art Festival Sunday morning; and family and birthday cake for G later today. whew. Gina’s 3rd 8 boat won their race. We were 4th row center for Smothers and 7th row center section for the show last night. I got a pretty good cell phone photo of AATW.

Here’s a recent video with their current lineup: