awesome chorus performance

At this summer’s Barbershop Harmony Society convention and contest, the Missouri-based Ambassadors of Harmony mounted this incredible interpretation of “76 Trombones” and walked away with the contest!   As friend Seth described:

The performance includes about 5 key changes,  concealed foam rubber
instruments whipped out mid-song, and two on-stage costume changes.  The
tag lasts about 16 bars.  Fun stuff.  Be sure and watch through the
enthusiastic ovation to see the stomp which punctuates the whole thing
nicely.  Makes me want to sing in a chorus.

Sugarland and the B-52’s

The Country Music Television awards show was last week, and featured this really cool surprise stage collaboration.   We saw Sugarland perform Love Shack in their Encore last fall, and according to this article, this is the first time they got together with the B52′s on it.   Fun Fun Fun.

UCF announces program cuts

Ouch. 2 of them are online programs. 51 faculty and staff, and 1,000+ students affected. The students will be given 2 years to complete their programs. We’ve postponed this action as long as possible. FSU and UF have previously announced cuts. State funding is drying up.

(what does it say that UCF went to to distribute this video instead of our own resources?)
News release here.