chilly morning 5K

There was frost in the neighborhood yards when I biked to WPHS ball field to join several thousand 1,300 other runners for a 5K through much of my regular training area.  I picked up my bib and my electronic shoe chip, shed my sweatshirt and joined the others milling around the start (below).

It turned out to be a beautiful morning and a good run, with the rising sun peeking through the trees.  By the time I finished, I was down to my t shirt and the temp was in the low 50’s.  Its just the start of getting my running groove back.  I’ll start serious marathon training this coming summer.


I wanted to run the Disney half-marathon this year, but registration closes out very early, like 11 months in advance of the January event, and I was laughably late to sign up when I investigated last summer.   So I planned to get an early registration in this month for 2010.     Running/singing friend Seth urged me to consider the full marathon, and I’ve been thinking about it for the last 24 hours.  Coincidentally, this morning at the Y I met a woman who just Sunday completed her first Disney marathon, and it was a big goal for her.  A sign?

I just registered and paid my non-refundable fees for the full marathon, next January 10, 2010.   357 days to train.  Wish me luck.

Rock and Run

my cellphone picI ran a 5K this morning.  I managed my old 11 minute mile pace (official results: 10.44 min/mile), although I haven’t been very active since the half marathon last year.   I have been running 4 to 7 miles per week, along with my 2X weekly weight routine at the Y.

The Casselberry Rock N Run, which supposedly features rock bands at the mile markers, had about 1300 entrants.  But there was only one rock band on the route. We also encountered a steel drum guy, and a bagpiper.    This would be a great venue for Makeshift.  There were long silent stretches along quiet residential streets.   I can picture us on mic singing Bohemian Rhapsody, That’ll be the Day, Kiss Him Goodbye, All My lovin’ and some others.   We’d need electricity.  The steel drum guy had a honda generator and a PA system.  We’ll see next year.

Otherwise, boy was it hot!   I’ve never seen quite so much perspiring at the finish and the afterward meet-mingle-nosh.   When I got in my shaded car, it was noticeably cooler inside.  The thermometer registered 87 degrees when I headed for home at 8:30am.


Dispatches from Seth

Seth at a finish lineHere’s some excerpts from a travel log Seth is keeping –

May 4, 2008 Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnatti, OH,

Like most large marathons the first couple miles were crowded making it hard to get going. Half-marathoners, relayers and marathoners all started together and some novice participants lined up too near the start line and got in the way. The weather in 2008 was excellent. Several musical acts of different genres were stationed throughout the course. Volunteers from various organizations (piglets) compete for having the best aid station and some of those were entertaining too. . Post-race refreshments were plentiful and easy to pick up. I recommend this event to anyone seeking a big-city marathon with a festive and friendly atmosphere.

May 5, Southgate, MI

Last night’s adventure included a trip across the border to Windsor Canada. I went in hopes of visiting a barbershop group I found online. Continue reading “Dispatches from Seth”

race photos

We browsed an art show in Cocoa Beach Saturday afternoon, and then that evening attended the pre-race pasta dinner with over 1,000 other runners. There were two speakers at the dinner: Olympic gold medalist marathoner Joan Benoit something, and an astronaut who spoke about how running a marathon is like a space shuttle mission. During the dinner, most of the runners wore trophy shirts from previous marathons and/or triathalons. Gina later commented on the incredible amount of raw ego present in the room. Indeed, everyone seemed to be strutting.

You can manually review the entire Flickr photoset available here.