vacation photos

I’ve started to upload vacation photos to for printing. I was pleased with their service when I tried it earlier.

You can check out the current collection as it grows. beware: registration with is required.

Update: I’ve not maintained my snapfish account, so image feeding has been broken. I uploaded my final collection of the tennesssee photos to

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Baritone Bob's Tennessee Road trip 2005 photoset Baritone Bob’s Tennessee Road trip 2005 photoset

Key Largo part II

Yes, I caught some fish. Went out on the party boat Capt. Michael from Robbies Charters, and fished with spinning rods on the surface for spawning yellowtail snapper. The boat landed about 190, of which over 20 were mine. I filled the small cooler below. The boat mates fileted them for me, and Linda and I went straight to a local restaurant that fried up a batch for us. They called it the “hook and cook” special.

No comment; its Florida.

Also below is a stiched panorama of the bayside jetties; you can see our resort motel right next to the Snooks restaurant. This is the spot where Linda snapped the sunset picture earlier.

How about these matching pith helmets? All the trendy people are adopting the style!

Key Largo

The dinner date was postponed until monday night, so Linda and I came down to the keys on saturday. The weather is still pretty blustery so I cancelled my fishing charter for sunday, but I will go out on a party boat later this morning. Meanwhile, here’s some pics from our “resort”. Beautiful sunset, and we had dinner right next door at the Snooks restaurant.

Keys weekend June 12

Gina has an invite to accompany a friend to their family house in Islamorada. She’ll head down on thursday, but has to be back for art day camp which starts next monday. So I’m going down to pick her up on sunday, and I thought I’d line up a fishing guide for myself. All well and good, I have a sunday early AM reservation with Capt. Kerry Wingo in Key Largo.

But Linda has committed us to an important dinner party saturday night. oh well, Linda’s willing to accompany me and share the driving to the keys. Road Trip. more later,


things are wrapping last night. Weather is fine, after a very wet and rainy friday night, saturday was mostly sunny, a little bit breezy, but nothing like last week.

There is a still alot of hurricane damage down here, one of the big ones came ashore hereabouts. This county beach park was destroyed. I had lunch at the covenience store here, and chatted with a construction supervisor who told tales about the wealthy and celebrated who he’s worked for in the area (Bernadette Peters, Roger Waters, more) and who have frequented this dumpy beach store. ha. Years ago I once slept in my car in the parking lot here:

Other damage on the river:

I did finally catch something suitable for the campfire; spanish mackeral with breadcrumbs and mustard. yumm.

back to the world tomorrow.