short video of vacation

Here’s a two minute clip of some of the weeks highlights.  some of the photos are in high resolution in this flickr set.

Austen: I tried to post on the higher quality, but they immediately busted me for copyright violation, probably the Amy Winehouse on the soundtrack. If you go to the youtube site, they have a “watch in high quality” version.

no more cell photos

My cellphone died, and I went to a verizon store (Tuesday) and got a replacement. but the camera doesn’t work on the replacement.

Fishing has been pretty steady, but no quality fish. Lots of action with ladyfish, bluefish and occasional catfish. spent one afternoon at the beach. weather rained out one day.

I found a wifi hotspot in a (closed) restaurant parking lot. thats where this comes from. I’ll be back home friday night.


I’m heading off Sunday for 5 days and nights of fishing and camping at Long Point Park down near Sebastian Inlet.   The mullet run is in full swing and the weather just this week turned enough to drop into the 60’s in the early AM.   Unlike in past years, I will not have internet access from the campsite, although I can keep an eye on my google email through my cellphone. I’ll be back in town next Friday evening.

However, I will do some cellphone photo posting with captions to my flickr account so go check that out, and leave a comment if you like.

For this trip, I picked up a second hand window AC unit from, and I’m going to set it up in my tent so I can sleep during the day, fish more at night.   Linda is appalled, but I’ve seen others doing it before.  Stay tuned for pictures.

nice redfish

I got out saturday for the first time in about 3 weeks. I found this guy off an island near the mouth of the Sebastian River. The water is still real brown from storm runoff, so sight fishing is poor, but I spotted a school of fish crashing bait in the choppy water washing up against the island. I positioned the boat upwind and drifted in and set my anchor. I flung a live mullet out in the general area, and in about 25 seconds, the line went taught. It was a good fight with several strong runs by the fish. I got him boatside and I was sure he was overslot (greater than 27″ long – must release). But no, he was 26″, so I managed this self portrait using the camera timer, while the boat was rocking up and down. Then put him on ice.


Inshore slam

The trifecta of shallow water fishing in these parts is known as the “inshore slam“. It means catching one of each of the major sports species in a single trip. (trout, snook and redfish). I got my first slam today!

This morning I went out with an acquaintance from one of my fishing lists. We’d traded correspondence a while ago and he invited me to call him up some time and he’d show me his spots. Joe lives in Sebastian and fishes almost every single day since he retired. He knows his waters real real well.


My boat is in the shop this weekend, so I gave him a call and we hooked up at 5:45am this morning down at the boat ramp, and Joe put me on fish. I got a sea trout on topwater, this little snook on a gambler jerk bait, and a slot sized (23″) redfish on a gulp crab. We’re having the redfish for dinner tonight, stuffed with real crab.


The scallop sport season off the gulf coast is reportedly really good this summer, however snorkelers are having to dodge excessive numbers of stinging jellyfish, which keeps some people out of the water. Guys on my fishing lists are debating the merits of different weave long sleeve shirts for protection.

Here’s a snapshot of a one day harvest by some good old boys from an email list.

Scallops and Redfish

BTW, I learned some new seafood slang this weekend. In south Florida, “summer shrimp” means illegally harvested lobster.