More Media

I found this free hosting service that seems to have pretty good throughput (ie. the large files needed for multimedia should be downloading reliably). There are a couple of catches though; 1) they have a 10mb limit and 2) no copyrighted material is allowed, 3) you can’t embed links, and 4) they get rights to your uploaded media. Austen’s probably the only one following this with any interest.

But here’s a short movie I put together using video from my new hp digital camera that I took to the beach last weekend along with the Hunsickers and the Issens. See if you can spot all three dads in the video. Its less than 2 minutes long, and a 7.4mb download.

Click here to watch the beach movie

Ford Escape Hybrid

Linda and I went to test drive the Ford Escape hybrid small SUV last night. It was very nice, very similar to the Mazda Tribute 4.5 passenger SUV that I test drove a couple of years ago. The driving experience was not any different from a conventional gasoline car, but the numbers don’t really add up.

1. The sales guy told us that the hybrid technology adds about $4,500 to the sticker price and even though they had two hybrids on the lot, there is a market demand surcharge of $2,500 above sticker. Plus the conventional Escape has a rebate of $2,500. That means there is a nearly $10,000 differential between the two versions. In round numbers, the market price of the hybrid is $30K and the conventional is $20K.

2. Lets make the following assumptions

  • hybrid: 33mpg
  • conventional: 20mpg
  • gas price: $2.90/gal

3. Therefore, the gasoline costs to operate each vehicle would be:

  • hybrid: $0.088 per mile
  • conventional: $0.145 per mile

4. The gas savings with the hybrid are about 5.7 cents per mile (.145 – .088) and you would therefore need to drive the hybrid over 175,000 miles to make up the $10,000 purchase differential. (10,000/0.057 = 175,066.31)

(We are also looking at the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder)

New Landscaping, new camera

We bit the bullet and got 2 pallets of sod laid, and a 2 zone irrigation system. click on the cat to see a medium sized panarama.

The new camera is an HP 717 with 6.2 megapixels!!! I was persuaded by this review here, although it's not very stylish...

all the cool looking cameras seemed to lack an optical viewfinder, and that was my biggest complaint with my first digital camera, now defunct. But if you want a sexy good looking camera, check these out:

Pentax Optio WP (WaterProof) 3.2 megapixels
(no optical viewfinder)

Olympus Stylus Verve 4.0 megapixels
(no optical viewfinder)

Linda’s 50th

Linda, with friends Harold I. and Ann M. Makeshift jams with the band.

What a great party, tons of people, food, drink and music. We ran out of ice, soda and white wine, but the beer, fried chicken and red wine held out if just barely. Linda danced her tail off. My camera was acting up, but before it failed, I got a few pictures…. more available here.