It’s been a couple of days, and still not good fish to speak(write) of. The weather turned; tuesday night was in the 30’s, with a strong wind, which got stronger on wednesday. Too strong to take my boat out. Here’s a picture of the north winds hitting the causeway on the Indian River.

So I scouted some areas and looked for bait. I was worried about the wind blowing down my tent, and when I got back to the campsite in early afternoon, everything was still intact. But while I was there, the wind caught the edge of the tent….I was right there and grabbed it. I thought for a minute I would go flying into the lagoon! One of the fiberglass poles snapped. I got everything under control.

I returned to Orlando to get some spare tent poles I had, and see the family. Had a great night sleeping, with the wife, and no wind, and central heating! Returned Thursday morning for an uneventful fishing day.

But the weather has turned and as I write this, its a balmy 65 degrees with light winds. My tent is restored; the tv/vcr survived its fall (it was inside the tent when it went); and I look forward optimistically to my remaining few days of vacation

how geeky is this

I’ve got a campsite with internet, television and cellphone service. Ha!

Fishing was soso, nothing to bring back for the campfire, but, lots of action. I kept seeing pompano skip in the river, and I’d cast the classic lure, a nylure green jig, but that lure also attracts slimy sail cats. so I caught sail cats which fight like a redfish, and some big lady fish, which fight like tarpon and jump a lot. here’s some pics

my campsite

I took some time out in the afternoon to do some reading

some white pelicans on the flats:

and here’s one of these ugly catfish which insist on grabbing my lure, usually, i’ll cut them off, but I had to retrieve this lure:

wireless at longpoint

I’m posting this from Longpoint campground in southern Brevard County. I’ll be camping here for 6 or 7 nights, and fishing. The campground is barely recovered from the hurricanes, and only reopened a couple of weeks ago, but they are honoring my reservation that I made months ago when I scheduled my FSU commencement (Dec 11) and planned a week long fishing vacation.

I only got here shortly after dark, and it is a little cool, about 60 degrees, and dead calm. Pitched my tent on my assigned site, its got electricity so I can charge my trolling battery, and my notebook, and I can make hot coffee. I’ll try to post some pictures here later this week,