fishing report, Palm Beach Shores

I spent last week down in Palm Beach Shores with Linda. Gina joined us for the last two nights.

All week long the winds and the surf were up.

Hit the beach most mornings at dawn, but that stretch offered only
small ‘cudas. I landed a few over the week, and got cut off a few
times. One day snorkeling I found and recovered my jig (3/8 oz w/6″
gulp) which had been cut off the day prior. see

Mid week we drove up to Hobe Sound blowing rocks area, and while
bracing myself on some treacherous footing agaisnt the surf, I hooked
the biggest snook in my experience. Got him close enough to ID, but
then he spit the hook.

I went back the following morning at dawn and landed two juvie snooks.
in the same area. Biggest score of the week. see

I also spent some time on my short kayak in John MacArthur park, but
didn’t’ get a single bite until the second visit, while drifting back
to the take out I got a blow up in about 2′ of water on my red/white
chug bug. Didn’t ID it.