Dry Eye Problems resolved

Beginning in 2007 I had a serious dry eye/corneal problem which resulted in frequent early morning sleep disruptions with severe pain and discomfort in my eyes, mostly my left eye. I missed some work, and saw several doctors over the next three years. The official diagnosis was Recurrent Corneal Erosion, which is a scratching of the cornea due to drying of the eyeball surface.

I tried drops and gels, and then discovered this web vendor http://www.dryeyeshop.com/ and related support websites. I purchased their recommended nighttime goggles with replaceable foam inserts and started to get some relief from my problems. The rubber-like googles called Tranquileyes were troublesome.  They had lots of complaints about the glue provided with the foam inserts, and the foam pieces required frequent washing, sanitizing and drying.   But it seemed worth the trouble. Then http://www.dryeyeshop.com/ announced a new foamless goggle and I tried that.  It is apparent that the goggles retain moisture, because there are often little beads of water on the inside when I get up in the morning.   My only problem has been tears in the silicone where the headband attaches.

Its been over a year now without symptoms, so I’m calling myself cured.  I use the silicone goggles during sleep at least 90% of the time, and I’ve discontinued the drops and gels.  And I discovered the ones designed for foam inserts work just fine without the foam too.

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