f*ck it list

Inspired by http://blogs.vocalo.org/amykr/ I thought I’d put my own list together.  These are all things that I have done at one time or another in my life, which I am intending to avoid altogether for the rest of my days.

  • leave a shopping cart in the parking lot
  • permit someone to cut in a traffic lane because they didn’t want to wait at the beginning of the backup
  • get in a fight with someone on the internet
  • borrow money with pre-payment stipulations
  • smoke (unless I go to prison)
  • try to impress someone with how much I know
  • drink to the point of blackout
  • eat while talking on the phone
  • litter
  • fail to record car maintenance events
  • be careless while handling a catfish
  • texting from the drivers seat while the car is moving
  • eat a clam, oyster or mussel
  • be pressured into volunteering for a job I really don’t want
  • go for a year without a dental checkup
  • break things when I get mad or aggravated (I have a punching bag now)
  • download warez software