f*ck it list

Inspired by http://blogs.vocalo.org/amykr/ I thought I’d put my own list together.  These are all things that I have done at one time or another in my life, which I am intending to avoid altogether for the rest of my days.

  • leave a shopping cart in the parking lot
  • permit someone to cut in a traffic lane because they didn’t want to wait at the beginning of the backup
  • get in a fight with someone on the internet
  • borrow money with pre-payment stipulations
  • smoke (unless I go to prison)
  • try to impress someone with how much I know
  • drink to the point of blackout
  • eat while talking on the phone
  • litter
  • fail to record car maintenance events
  • be careless while handling a catfish
  • texting from the drivers seat while the car is moving
  • eat a clam, oyster or mussel
  • be pressured into volunteering for a job I really don’t want
  • go for a year without a dental checkup
  • break things when I get mad or aggravated (I have a punching bag now)
  • download warez software

Gina goes to UF


On August 18, we accompanied Gina and helped her get set up in her dorm at University of Florida, just over 2 hours from home.    Her pal Alison accompanied Gina in her car, while we drove in the Honda pilot.   While there, we met her roommate Megan and Megan’s parents, got her computer up and running and made a run to Lowes for additional supplies.   We tearfully departed about 6pm, but it didn’t really strike home until we got back to our empty house.   Everything’s different now.  There’s a photo set on flickr.com and a few thumbnails below.