so this is how it can happen

That is what I was thinking as I bounced off the hood of car while crossing six-lane Semoran this morning near the start of my run.   The light turned green while I was crossing in front of stopped cars, but there was one open lane and a driver came on through.   I thank god that he was paying attention enough to hit the brakes so it was a slow-speed collision, but a collision nonetheless.  I rolled onto the asphalt and then got to my feet.   I’m just fine.  I reassured the drivers and waved them on their way, and I finished my run.    I’m extra thankful today.

One thought on “so this is how it can happen”

  1. Thank God, Bob. How very frightening! A warning to you and EVERYONE to be extra carful when crossing busy streets. And if you have ANY aftereffects at all, see your physician. We are all thankful.


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