streaming HD video

We are now living room consumers of streaming high-definition video on demand from Netflix, thanks to this $150 blu-ray/netflix player I picked up over the weekend.

Network connection to the living room is via a cisco powerline network extender that uses existing electrical house wiring.  I got this $90 network gadget in a random grab bag from last month for $8 shipped.    I plugged it in, and it just worked, with no throttling of network throughput, and no configuration required.   I’m getting a 10Mbs download stream at the remote hub just like I get at the source router.  That is over twice as fast as what’s needed for HD delivery.   And the added bonus is that my dish network DVR is now connected to the internet and I can manage the recordings over a web browser.  SOOO much easier to search for programming and navigate our queue of recorded programs. (Can a slingbox be far behind?)

But back to the streaming video: it almost indistinguishable from regular HD, although I did notice some visual stuttering during rapid camera pans.  We watched Julie and Julia Sunday afternoon, and there wasn’t a single hiccup in the whole movie.

Plus our first blu-ray DVD’s start arriving from netflix this week, and I look forward to that.

Hope this makes up a little bit to the family for my accidentally erasing the season finale of  Nurse Jackie,  after the series stopped airing on Showtime.

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