running update

The florida racing season has come to a close.  It was about this time last year that I set my sites on training for Disney.    The next big race I plan on is the local OUC half marathon on 12/4/2010, so its been a little hard to keep my weekly motivation up for running.  Its real easy to slip into only a couple of short runs to the Y every week   I definitely want to stay in shape, keep my weight down, and be prepared for a quick ramp up to 13 mile readiness.

Therefore, I’ve adopted two easily attainable goals:

  • run at at least 10 miles a week, something I can do with two runs and take weekends off
  • run a sub-30 minute 5K (which I’ve never done but I’m sure I can with a little effort)

So far so good, last week 12.3 miles, and this week I did a 6.3 and a 5.2 mile run on Monday and Wednesday respectively.  Easy.

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