Dad’s night reunion 2010

2001 camping
Back in the early 90’s when our first children were born, church friends Harold, Kevin and myself started a weekly dad’s night to get together and talk parenting, look after the kids, and even drink a little beer.   Little did we know that we were modeling a classic “play group” which was more commonly held by non-working moms.   We kept up the weekly group for many years, and embarked on numerous camping and bicycling adventures as our kids got older.  The photo above is from 2001.   The children became fast friends, nearly cousins.

But with our teenagers entering high school, it became impossible to continue gathering because the kids’ schedules were just too conflicting.   Our last joint adventure was in 2006 when we went on a camping trip to South Florida.

The 3 oldest children are all graduating from HS this year.  Ted is headed for FSU honors college, Gina is going to UF, and Margaret has a full ride scholarship at UCF honors college.   We held a reunion of the group to commemorate and went to a favorite beach in Cape Canaveral for the afternoon, then adjourned to a seafood market in the port for dinner.   It was an great spot with very casual patio dining on the waterfront.  Girls ordered whole lobster dinners for only $20.

See the photoset on

BTW, we demolished the carrot cake.

Some videos from past adventures;

2001, cabin on the FL-GA border:

Feb 2005, camping at Anastasia park:

October 2005, Camping and Snorkeling at Blue Springs State Park:

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