WPHS Prom 2010

The whole gang

Gina organized a group for a limousine rental to the prom.   Mostly crew members, it included a couple of WPHS alums including Gina’s date Alex who came down from University of Alabama.
As usual, we met in late afternoon for a photo session with the group and parents.   Nancy I.  helped Gina prepare and came with to see them off.  Flickr photo set here. Video clip on facebook available here.


The Noteables

<img src="http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2612/161/52/1608007997/n1608007997_149938_3051033.jpg&quot;?
My second barbershop quartet has its first paying gig this Sunday afternoon! I'm with Joe Elmer, Dean Dix and Troy Williams. We do barbershop only, but have some cool songs I don't get to sing with Makeshift, like Ain't Misbehavin', Stepping Out (with my baby), Lullaby in Ragtime, and San Fransisco Bay Blues. Above is a video cap from a stage appearance a couple of years ago. I'll try to get a better group photo of us this weekend.

another great fishing trip

ahhh.   finally got a couple of days to return to long point.  Only two nights, but  the weather was gorgeous, the bite was hot, and I slept and ate well.    Jacks, blues and ladyfish were screaming.  Particularly at dawn and dusk, but I found a great bite on gambler shads in the mid afternoon too.  I wore my arm out.

Saw the space shuttle launch at 6:21am, it was still dark out, and I was on the water listening to the countdown over the radio.     There were lots of families in the half full campground due to local spring break.   I shared some food and fishing stories with an Apopka family camping two spaces over – the kids attend Lake Brantley HS, one of Gina’s local crew team rivals.

Boat ran well, but I’m postponing a needed $700 powerhead overhaul.

Rhapsody cuts price

Stand by, I’ve got a couple of things to report on.

Rhapsody spun off from real networks and cuts its price by 33%. Wow, hope the service doesn’t die. I am a big fan and consumer.   See http://www.baribob.net/?p=612 News reports have that it went from 800,000 to 675,000 subscribers in 2009, its getting eaten up by free streaming services and youtube.