NYC Marathon

I’ve applied for the lottery to enter the NYC marathon on November 7, 2010.   For non-qualified runners, there is a lottery for entrance.   This is a huge race, says that there were 43,000+ finishers in the 2009 race.

To qualify for guaranteed entry, I would need to have a certified marathon finish time of  3:30 or faster.  That’s not going to happen – LOL!.   The fee to enter the lottery is only $11, and if I fail the lottery 3 years in a row, I get in.  Therefore, if I persist with lottery applications, I’ll be able to run this event no later than November 2013.

Lottery entry deadline is March 15.   What are the odds?  In 2008, 57,000 people entered the lottery, but only 5,600 were accepted.   Similarly, in 2009 6,500 runners from more than 40,000 (were) …..selected. 2010 Lottery results will be announced before the end of March which gives plenty of time to train.  again.

Gasparilla half marathon

I set my alarm for 2:50am, picked up Seth at 3:15 and we drove to Tampa for the Gasparilla distance classic.   Seth and two other friends were running the marathon. I signed up for the half, which started and ran alongside the marathoners for about 8 miles. It was ultimately my slowest half marathon at 2:32, and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the screwdriver I consumed at mile 5 thanks to merrymakers with an unofficial aid station along the route.

See my photos on this public facebook site.