roller coaster weekend

We were up and down this weekend.

  1. Friday, Linda dropped her new Droid mobile device in a flooded gutter during the rainstorms, and it died.  We have no insurance and it is $600 to replace it.   It is business critical for her.
  2. Friday eve Gina was ecstatic to learn she was accepted to UF – we took her and girlfriends out for BBQ to celebrate.
  3. I had a great run Saturday AM, best since the marathon last month.grilled meats
  4. After drying overnight in the oven, Linda’s Droid booted up and appears to be running ok.  Hooray!  No visit to Verizon store at least for now.
  5. Gina spent a bittersweet Saturday evening with friends who did not get into their dream schools.   Linda and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner at Nelore Churrascaria in Winter Park.  Highly recommend, for carnivores!
  6. I developed a deep root toothache that kept me bedridden most of Sunday.  I called my dentist at home and he said come in first thing Monday.
  7. Gina called Sunday evening to report her bumper had been smashed by a hit and run driver while parked at a friends house in Maitland.  Thanks to the Murray’s for assisting with the police call.
  8. This morning, dentist tells me I have a fracture below the gumline, and best course of action is a root canal and a crown.  Ka-ching!