marathon update

Its week zero, the Disney marathon is this Sunday.   I mostly made my training objectives, but I’m changing strategy for the actual race.  I had hoped to run it at my standard loping pace and complete in sub-5 hours.    But in my longest training runs, I either wrung myself out or hit an impermeable wall at 20-21 miles.   The furthest distance I’ve completed is 21 miles.

Therefore, I’m going to walk some in the race and plan to stretch and walk at least 5-10 minutes every hour.  A colleague reminds me that if I don’t push myself to the wall, I can finish the last few miles in a walk.  Better to do that than to not finish.    Wish I had a couple weeks here to try the new strategy first.

Also, I’m going to carry and eat a bunch of food.  In addition to my standard fare of quartered oranges, I’ll carry some runners jelly-tabs, and some protein-heavy trail mix.    I won’t have to carry a water bottle, so I’ll have some additional carrying capacity.

I will have to bring some disposable clothes due to the predicted low-30’s temperatures.   Several have recommended large hefty bags.  I’m not even kidding.

Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement.   I can see the finish line.

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