Bob Sr recently wrote a commentary regarding a recent excursion to a University of Central Florida football game. Fun was had by all.

At the time, his beloved Iowa Hawkeyes were 9-0. The day before the UCF game, the Hawks had just overcome a large 4th quarter deficit to defeat Indiana in a Halloween thriller. The magical season was still alive. In 110 years of Iowa college football, they have never had this much success. They have never played for the ‘National Championship’. Then . . .


On one play, Northwestern popped the balloon. They sacked the Hawk’s star quarterback, causing a fumble in the end zone. Touchdown Northwestern. In addition, Ricky Stanzi was knocked out of the game with a severely sprained ankle. The Hawks would lose the game and Stanzi will not play this week versus Ohio State.

The Sports Illustrated jinx lives. Ouch.

Here is a link to a (this week) Wall Street Journal article titled – WHY IOWA IS GOOD FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL.


from brother Rick R, Alameda, CA.

3 thoughts on “jinx”

  1. Sports Illustrated uses different covers for regional editions. In Florida, our copy only mentioned Iowa in the upper right corner. And we though THAT was enough to jinx them! Little did we know.


  2. “Of course they have trouble recruiting,” says former Iowa president Mary Sue Coleman, now the president at Michigan. “They’re in the middle of Iowa.”


  3. Well–the Hawkeyes took Ohio State down to the wire,but lost in overtime. So the wheels came off in what was a miricle season. They are now 9-2 and will probably tie for 2nd in the Big Ten. This means they may end up playing a bowl game again in Florida. We have seen them play 3 times here in the last 7 years.
    So we still say “GO HAWKS”
    Grandpa Reed


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