amazon review literature

There is an emerging genre of edgy/sarcastic/snarky writing (on the internet? really???!) in some amazon product reviews. Check out these examples:

Quarter million dollar diamond ring

1 gallon whole milk ;”This product copiously leaks out of my nose whenever I read these reviews.” :

The steering wheel laptop desk I previously noted:

and of course the original, 3 wolf moon tshirt:


Bob Sr recently wrote a commentary regarding a recent excursion to a University of Central Florida football game. Fun was had by all.

At the time, his beloved Iowa Hawkeyes were 9-0. The day before the UCF game, the Hawks had just overcome a large 4th quarter deficit to defeat Indiana in a Halloween thriller. The magical season was still alive. In 110 years of Iowa college football, they have never had this much success. They have never played for the ‘National Championship’. Then . . .


On one play, Northwestern popped the balloon. They sacked the Hawk’s star quarterback, causing a fumble in the end zone. Touchdown Northwestern. In addition, Ricky Stanzi was knocked out of the game with a severely sprained ankle. The Hawks would lose the game and Stanzi will not play this week versus Ohio State.

The Sports Illustrated jinx lives. Ouch.

Here is a link to a (this week) Wall Street Journal article titled – WHY IOWA IS GOOD FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

from brother Rick R, Alameda, CA.

Sansa Fuze

I’ve just replaced my old Sansa e200 series mp3 player with its successor the Sansa Fuze. Here are the killer new features that I really like in the player.  None were present in the e200, (nor in an iPod for that matter):

  1. File deletion is enabled in the player.  This is a killer feature for me.  It greatly helps me manage my podcast inventories, and also to delete songs I really don’t like and don’t want to hear again.
  2. Auto bookmarking in all files – wow! what an assistance for long podcasts, videos and audio books.  When you return to play the file, it asks you if you want to pick up where you left off, or if you want to start over.
  3. Progressive speed fast forward and rewind.  If you do lose your place, or want to find something in a long file, this really helps speed through it.

Other improvements:  larger screen, better build quality, longer battery life, improved video format handling,  quicker bootup, and a micro SD card slot.   I like it.   Took it on my first long run this morning, and I was able to navigate the player and delete files while moving.   Without my glasses.