Orlando’s Gesture

In 1958, the University of Buffalo football team was invited to the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando.  It was their first ever bowl invitation, but the team players voted and declined the invitation.   They declined because the invitation game with racist strings attached: the two black members of the team would not be allowed to participate.  The story has been featured on ESPN.

Next month, the UB Bulls are facing off against UCF in our own Bright House Stadium, and Orlando  Mayor Crotty has spearheaded an initiative to apologize and honor those 1958 team members for the stand they took.   The team members are invited to the September 19th UCF game.  Crotty has rounded up donated airfare and lodging for the players, and UCF will honor their attendance at halftime.   This story should not be buried in the sports pages.   Orlando Sentinel details. UCF News story.

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