I totally get “non-refundable” airfares. A boon for consumers. But when it comes to the “change fees” and post-911 non-transferable rules, the airlines are heartless pirate bastards.  Here’s some of the bullshit I got when trying over the weekend to change our vacation plans.

“No sir, you don’t have to use your credits within 12 months, you only have to BOOK your future travel within 12 months, the travel itself can be for several months later”.

“Sir, it is impossible for us to waive the change fees. Since you booked your travel through an agent (, I suggest you appeal to them. …. yes sir, we will charge the change fees to expedia.”

“No sir, you are not left with only $70 for future travel. The entire amount of $220 is credited to your name and can be booked within 12 months. The $150 change fee that is assessed at the time of rebooking is completely separate”.

“Sir, all my calls are recorded, and I have advised you what we can do, and there is no one else you can talk to. I am now advising you that I will disconnect this call”. [click]

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