open mic

Can't buy Me LoveWednesday night was the public debut of our brand new a cappella group formed of mostly caroling friends.  It was at a weekly open mic held at Bob and Max’s new smoke-free neighborhood hangout, Paddy McGee’s.

I was rehearsing earlier in the evening with Makeshift so we all adjourned to join up with the new group and scope out the venue. I’d been to the place during happy hour a couple of times, but never was able to get much information about the open mic vibe or protocols.  Turned out, some young guys from Full Sail were newly in charge of the event, and things were a little disorganized and running late.  Once a blank notebook page finally appeared we signed up both Makeshift and the new group tentatively named “Soy Chai”.   I invited a guitar guy to perform between us to break up our sets.

Makeshift opened up and we were pretty ON.  Good confidence builder because we’ve had some stumbles the last few times we’ve been out on-mic in front of people. We debuted our new arrangement of Surfer Girl.

After the guitar guy, 6 members of Soy Chai crammed onto the little stage, and we sang our two practiced numbers – a Kings Singers arrangement of “Can’t Buy Me Love”, and a slick jazzy arrangement of “Misty”.  Then we grabbed our sheet music and stepped through a complex 6-part arrangement of Norah Jones “Don’t know why”.    This song is going to be a show stopper when we get it polished up!

I then called up Nick and Pete to sing with myself and Soy Chai co-founder A.C. to close the set.   A.C. recently subbed for Seth on a short set Makeshift did for Gina’s season ending crew banquet.  So we four closed out with a rousing performance of “Zombie Jamboree”.

Bob and Max of course were there and were enormously entertaining to my new singing pals. They bought a round of drinks. Other guests and a couple of spouses came by.  It was all great fun.  I also got a name and phone number to set up a gratis recording session over at Full Sail, and I provided a business card to a retirement home activity director.   Wins all around.  Linda missed it due to her book group meeting.

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