facebook vs. blogging

My independent blog is almost 5 years old.  (FB readers see http://baribob.net)  I’ve been thinking of discontinuing it in favor of posting, sharing and interacting exclusively in Facebook (FB).  I’ve got a lot more friends and acquaintances on FB than ever visit the blog, and there are great tools built in to FB for sharing links, photos and multimedia.    My FB circles are wide and include my church, family, my workplace, singers from opera, barbershop and caroling, some old HS acquaintances, even a few students and some sportsmen.

It didn’t seem to make sense to keep maintaining the blog when there’s such a vibrant community on FB, with many sharing and commenting in the FB environment.    I did find that through the tech of RSS, I can automatically feed my blog posts into my FB profile.   The catch is that media that’s formatted for the blog, doesn’t translate well into FB.  So videos and slideshows don’t convey.

If I went exclusively on FB, I’d lose the self-contained searchable archive accessible in the blog.  That feature is useful, to find an old personal photo, to confirm a date, or recover a link I remember visiting in the past.  And I’ve got several dozen blog posts that I really value for the writing and/or personal perspective.  It is a genuine journal of my life since 2004.  I don’t want to lose or abandon that.

Here’s the compromise: I will continue to post the important personally-written stuff on the blog – things like my most influential books, or musings about technology, health, current affairs or parenting.     I’ll continue to archive my photographs and videos on flickr.com and youtube, but I’ll be sharing most media, humor and web linkage on FB.   The blog activity will become more infrequent, and it will be predominately pith.

Here’s the beauty of it: you can keep up with all of it simply by friending and following me on FB.   If you want to read or join in on running commentary on any of my blog posts, best to go over and see them on FB.    One of the interesting phenomena on FB is seeing unacquainted persons from completely different circles engaged in dialog over a post by a mutual friend.

6 thoughts on “facebook vs. blogging”

  1. Well, I for one hope you don’t abandon the blog. I find that I pay more attention to your blog posts than FB posts – maybe because there’s so much other chatter on FB? Or maybe because there’s more substance on the blog?


  2. I would miss the blog. I am still trying to figure out Facebook. I find in your blog, a personal relationship and feel privileged to read it. Facebook broadens your audience, but you lwould lose the familarity and intimacy.


  3. I too will miss the blog. It keeps us connected from 3000 miles away. It is the first bookmark I hit every time the computer is fired up.


  4. you folks need to read more carefully: “Here’s the compromise: I will continue to post the important personally-written stuff on the blog” read the last two paragraphs.


  5. The only problem is, five years from now, when Facebook has become Myspace and ______ has become facebook – how do you get all of that content on facebook into a relevant archivable source that can be looked upon dozens of years from now when facebook is (possibly) long forgotten?

    I’ve probably done the same compromise on my blog, although more gradually. But I think you’re right, links and things are better said in a tweet or a facebook post, not on a blog.


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