basic cooking items

Interesting selection of tools in this blog post about furnishing a minimalist kitchen.  I like the mix of very old school (cast iron) with new technology (infrared thermometer).   Of course with only 10 items, there’s a lot left out.   I suggest you can’t get by without a spoon!  What do you think?   I think I’m going to pull out my iron skillet a little more often.

2 thoughts on “basic cooking items”

  1. I;ve seen these lists in the past, largely in women’s magazines, and I have never agreed with any of them. None, for example, ever include a cheese slicer, a gadget I use several times a week. Or a rubber scraper.

    I will confine myself to three negative comments:

    1. Never had and never needed a cast iron Dutch oven.

    2. I find oven mitts (silicone or not) awkward to use and prone to spills.

    3. Whoever makes jelly roll? And if so, how often? My mother did, in the ‘30s and ‘40s, in order to use up some of the egg yolks from making angel food cake (in those pre-cakemix days). She used a cookie sheet, though.

    Positives: I do rely on tongs a lot, as well as a dishwasher-proof cutting board. And the infrared thermometer sounds like a winner, although I had not heard of it.


  2. Just a couple of quick thoughts: NObody needs a 5-piece knife set. A good chef’s knife, and maybe a paring knife is all you need.

    When I think of basic cooking items, I think about what we take to Maine every year (after 10+ years we have it down to a science): Chef’s knife and paring knife (see above), veggie peeler, tongs, cutting board, medium skillet, and corkscrew. That’s really all we need (plus the grill) — we make do for everything else.


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