Marathon training starts

Next week I begin deliberate training for the Disney Marathon in January 2010.   I’ll target to complete runs at least 3X weekly, with one being a  ‘long run’.   the long run distance will increase right up to marathon time, and I’ll try to complete at least a couple of 21 mile runs prior to the 26 mile marathon.  Here’s my schedule for long run distances to accomplish each month:

June 6 mi.
July 8
August 10
September 12
October 15
november 18
December 21
January 10 Marathon

I’ll be de-emphasizing my twice weekly weight training at the Y, and bike rides. And as the distances get longer, I won’t be able to complete them on weekday mornings, so the long runs will begin to cut into weekend fishing time!

BTW: completed 11 mile bike ride to work this AM, saw two gators on the way.

6 thoughts on “Marathon training starts”

  1. Didja see the piece in the Times about run/walk style of training for and running a marathon?

    That makes it almost seem do-able to me. Y’know, maybe, just maybe… If I trained… I could possibly…



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