More photos from Philly

While in Philadelphia last week, we got out to see some sights.  We were staying in a downtown hotel about a mile from where my folks were staying.  On Friday night, the girls crew team had an early evening practice followed by dinner brought into the hotel, so we walked across downtown to have dinner with the GP’s.     We saw the best and worst of downtown.   Public sculpture, homeless men, stunning architecture, sidewalk cafes and more.    

After the girls races on Saturday, we sought out Pat’s King of Steaks, a contender for the original Philly cheesesteak.   It was at the foot of the 9th street italian market, and it was packed.  The staff at Pat’s was surly and impatient, the sandwich itself was just so so, but I wouldn’t have missed it.  Afterwards we wandered the market, then made our way to the Philly library near the race site and explored the grounds nearby next to the Waterworks on the Schuykill river.

3 thoughts on “More photos from Philly”

  1. Great photos Bob. Did you get to Tasty Cake factory or the Pretzel factory?

    Paul is from Philly and every so often we visit. I remember driving on the narrow streets and asking – “Are you sure these are two way streets?’ Paul is from Manayunk area of Philly. We were disappointed with Pat’s Cheese steaks – velvetta doesn’t fly with Paul very well.
    If you want a really good cheese steak on good italian bread. Visit (sandwiches served in afternoon only…) go to Circosta’s
    Best Italian
    2960 W. State Road 426, Oviedo

    Critic’s choice: Rocco’s Italian Grille
    400 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park

    This is the second year in a row you’ve sent the popular-vote Foodie to this Oviedo restaurant. “The food is great, and the family running the place is wonderful,” said one reader. That family, of course, is the Circostas, and they are gracious hosts. The critic’s award goes to Rocco’s this year, a charming little trattoria with excellent food.Best Italian


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