Marathon training starts

Next week I begin deliberate training for the Disney Marathon in January 2010.   I’ll target to complete runs at least 3X weekly, with one being a  ‘long run’.   the long run distance will increase right up to marathon time, and I’ll try to complete at least a couple of 21 mile runs prior to the 26 mile marathon.  Here’s my schedule for long run distances to accomplish each month:

June 6 mi.
July 8
August 10
September 12
October 15
november 18
December 21
January 10 Marathon

I’ll be de-emphasizing my twice weekly weight training at the Y, and bike rides. And as the distances get longer, I won’t be able to complete them on weekday mornings, so the long runs will begin to cut into weekend fishing time!

BTW: completed 11 mile bike ride to work this AM, saw two gators on the way.

classic menus in Office 2007

Hate the “ribbon”? Try this free plugin which provides a “menu” option in the new Office 2007 programs. Select the UK version for english language.

Its a breeze to install, just run the setup.exe and click a few prompts. My only disappointment is that when the menu is up, it doesn’t support the old menu-structure keyboard shortcuts on which I am highly dependent.
(thanks Orlando Sentinel).

More photos from Philly

While in Philadelphia last week, we got out to see some sights.  We were staying in a downtown hotel about a mile from where my folks were staying.  On Friday night, the girls crew team had an early evening practice followed by dinner brought into the hotel, so we walked across downtown to have dinner with the GP’s.     We saw the best and worst of downtown.   Public sculpture, homeless men, stunning architecture, sidewalk cafes and more.    

After the girls races on Saturday, we sought out Pat’s King of Steaks, a contender for the original Philly cheesesteak.   It was at the foot of the 9th street italian market, and it was packed.  The staff at Pat’s was surly and impatient, the sandwich itself was just so so, but I wouldn’t have missed it.  Afterwards we wandered the market, then made our way to the Philly library near the race site and explored the grounds nearby next to the Waterworks on the Schuykill river.

WPHS Stotesbury results (update)


Winter Park High School crew sent 6 boat crews to Stotesbury. The girls entered the Senior 8,, the second 8 and the lightweight 8.  The boys entered the Senior 8, the second 8 and the junior 4.

The three girls boats all qualified for semi-finals, but each one finished one slot out of qualifying for finals.  It was a tough break for the girls team.  The boys all qualified for finals: the boys 1st varsity finished a heartbreaking photo-finish of 4th place, and the junior 4 finished 6th.    But the boys 2nd varsity 8 brought home gold and took first place with open water behind them!!   Congratulations to all the athletes.     All results here.

beware of fake IMAX

We saw the new Star Trek Sunday night, and paid extra for the Regal theater’s “IMAX” experience.    The image was bright, contrasty and detailed.  Its a startling digital projection system instead of film.  But its not IMAX as this article explains.

It was not an immersive experience, and Star Trek is not filmed as an immersive motion picture.  Because we were in the 4th row, the detail was a little distracting (razor stubs, nose hair, etc.) and the action scenes were challenging to follow.

Nonetheless, the movie is terrific, and a faithful character portrait of the original ST crew, who endeavored to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.  (In the new movie, its changed to “where no one has gone before”).

The movie recognizes and honors some of the ridiculous conventions of the original series, such as miniskirts in outer space, and sending the captain and first officer off ship on outrageously dangerous missions.   The bridge of the starship Enterprise still looks like a living room, and some sort of ubiquitous gravity generator is in place on every space craft, including the shuttles and the Romulan ship.   Captain James Kirk is quite clearly a horndog.

Fun stuff.

New President takes office

(guest post from Bob Sr.) Below is a photo of the new Executive Board of the University Club of Winter Park ,FL. and its President, Max Reed. This 75-year-old institution of some 530 members is a venerable, private, nonprofit establishment of college grads in Central Florida with an historic building and lush grounds. Max is the third female President in its history.

This photo of her and her new Cabinet was taken yesterday, her first official day on the job.

2009-10 Executive Board of the winter Park University Club

A guy standing in the back–just behind her–is her loyal and obedient servant, her V.P. of Programs. He is–as his nametag labels him–“The First Dude.”

Bob (Sr.)