highly refined taste for beer

Why is it that beer snobs think its perfectly OK to insult others who don’t share their exclusive taste?    I’ve had people say directly to my face “I don’t drink that swill”, or laugh disdainfully and say “THATS not beer!!”

Is this not akin to insulting someone’s taste in clothes or otherwise?  “OMG, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that sweater you got for my birthday”, or “How revolting, clearly you need some help in decorating”.

I like a good imported pint as well as the next guy, and I know the difference between black & tan and half & half.   But I also appreciate a cold bud light at the end of a sweaty afternoon.  If you do not, then a simple no thanks will be sufficient.

Recently I invited a guest to share a frosty pitcher of American pilsner at a riverfront dive.  After her initial eye rolling and reluctance, she did acknowledge  “you know its sorta ok if you don’t think of it as beer.”