celebrity mingle

Yes, that’s nephew and self-described tech/film geek Austen hob nobbing with Natalie Portman over on popsugar.com! (I archived a copy of the webpage here just in case the link rots out.)


Austen was selected as a film fellow for the Tribeca Film Institute, and he’s been quite busy with behind the scenes activity for the spring Tribeca Film Festival in lower Manhattan.  He’s expressed that its been his best week ever, and I can certainly see why!     BTW Austen: if you can, say hello to UCF grad Cheryl Hines who’s attending the festival.  I’ve got a little crush.

One thought on “celebrity mingle”

  1. Hey Austen–can I touch your hand? Have you washed it yet? In her day,your mother chatted with the stars of “Upstairs Downstairs” and Dick Cavett and Cathy Rigby (the Olympic and Broadway star) and she shook the hand of Robert Redford. Your Uncle Rick has hobnobbed with a whole slew of famous sports fgures. I even shook the hand of President Carter. So keep up the tradiiton and someday, folks will be lining up to shake your hand! YIPPEE! GO!


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