WPHS takes State championship, again!

Update: Gina and her lightweight 8 have been asked to compete next month  in both the scholastic nationals in Mercer, New Jersey, and Stotesbury Cup in Philly.


We are just back from the 2-day FSRA Florida State Championship Regatta in Sarasota.  Linda was chaperoning, Gina didn’t race until Sunday morning, so I joined them Saturday evening.  Gina was a rower with the last-minute assembled girls lightweight 8.   Their race was mid-morning in a field of 5 boats, and it was real exciting.  The Sarasota team mounted a good challenge, and made a strong move on WPHS in the last 200 meters, but it wasn’t enough and WPHS won by about half a boat length.     I’ve never seen such a huge spectator crowd, and the announcing was excellent. There’s an good chance now Gina might be traveling to scholastic nationals in Mercer, New Jersey, or to Stotes in Philly.

The other races: WPHS boys took gold in Varsity and JV 8’s; and the other two girls varsity boats took bronze.  It was enough to award WPHS with the State team trophy, and the boys won the State boys trophy.

Here’s a slide show of cellphone pics. The flickr photoset is captioned.


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