more technical convergence

more, I want more technology!   I’ve been thinking about advances for the next decade.  Although a lot of these features are somewhat available right now, I look forward to cheap and efficient access to:

  • real time construction detours displayed on GPS navigation units
  • emailing or IM’ing a destination address or a google map route to my GPS unit
  • web browser integrated into GPS units (maybe this is not such a good idea for safety reasons.)
  • web interfaces for programming my home thermostat and my automatic sprinklers.  I almost never inspect or change these now because the button interface is so incredibly awkward and clunky and it takes study of the instructions every time.
  • wireless internet access to my subscription audio service on my cellphone
  • access to my TIVO recordings, and online television, on my cellphone
  • while we’re at it, I want a video projector in my cellphone
  • truly simple, integrated and convenient AV (television) interfaces for our senior citizens.  I’m going to need this personally soon enough and don’t want to have to call on Gina every time I need help!
  • every single tv show and movie ever made available on-demand over the web!  (this one is not original with me, I read it somewhere.)
  • improved control of and remote access to my electronic calendar.  I’m stuck in the last century with Novell/Groupwise limitations for job reasons.  It is not portable or publishable.
  • an iphone for my Verizon service
  • On-demand rigid shape shifting material for boat hulls.  Every fishing boat design is a compromise between travel efficiency and floating stability.  A sleek smooth ride is not very stable to stand and fish on, and likewise for the reciprocal case.  So, I want to push a button and convert my hull shape on demand.  No, this technology is not likely in my lifetime, but I can dream.  I bet Captain Kirk has one.
  • LCD display screens that are clearly legible in bright sunlight.

Finally, I’d like to see a national health/medical history database with universal access for health care providers.   Privacy advocates might get the willies, but there is lots of upside besides consumer convenience.  It would provide much more thorough and accurate info to doctors, seriously limit over or double prescribing of meds, and provide a hugely valuable statistical resource for researchers.

What do you want to see?

3 thoughts on “more technical convergence”

  1. I want to see consideration of the unintended consequences of all the changes before implementation.

    Which makes me wonder how the electronic conversion of health records hurts the insurance industry? IF it didn’t, the records would be converted by now.


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