RCE update

Last summer I posted on my recurrent corneal erosion (RCE) problem.   My cornea issues are not as severe as some have it, as an internet search will reveal, but it has gotten worse in recent months.  I keep a log, and it was flaring up about every 2 weeks, most commonly striking in the early morning hours and waking me with sharp and abrupt pain in one or both eyes.  Although the sharp pain abated quickly, irritation might persist for a day.  I was treating with daily artificial tears and nightly gel or ointment.  I also got a sleep mask which makes me feel a little stupid, and usually gets knocked awry before the night is over.

Anyways, in late Feb and early March I had a couple of periods of much worse incidents.  I had a few days where the daytime discomfort interfered with my work and my vision.  The problem was mostly in my left eye, and it would be irritated and watering during the day and even causing my nose to run.   Then I got soap in my eye one evening and I was in pain for several days after.  I was referred to a corneal specialist for more “heroic” treatment.  I saw the specialist on March 23 and he was optimistic we could get this under control without surgery.

He’s treated RCE before, and he simply prescribed 30 days of OTC Muro 128 5% solution at bedtime in left eye.  If no recurrence, discontinue and monitor for another 30 days.    The Muro is a hyperosmotic (highly saline) solution, and it stings when applied.      I also searched on the interwebs and ordered a $200 pair of dry-eye technical sunglasses with polarized photochromic lenses for use when fishing and boating, because outdoor activity seemed to trigger episodes.  And they look a heck of lot cooler than a sleep mask!

I’m in my 3rd week of the Muro 128 treatment, and my fingers are crossed.  I’ve had a couple of minor irritations during the night, but no severe problems.

6 thoughts on “RCE update”

  1. Hi,

    I’m sorry to know that you are suffering from this, too. I found your site while searching for more information on RCE’s. I have been without them since March 15, 2008! The Dry Eye Zone has helped me to manage the problem (actually to get past it, at least for over a year), and I volunteer there as a moderator. It is a nice community, and if you find that the problem recurs, you might want to check out the discussion board there:


    Best wishes to you,


  2. Thanks for the suggestion Elizabeth. That is a great site which I’ve overlooked because it seldom directly cites RCE. I’ve ordered some products from the store there. I have had problems since this posting, but as of today I’ve gone 16 days without any eye-related sleep disruptions.


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