Makeshift has a new beat

Our quartet has recently welcomed local beatbox performer Rubox Cube (Scott P.) as a guest percussionist. He joined us on stage at our outdoor Winter Springs stage show last Friday night and when he pitches in with his beats on such numbers a Zombie Jamboree or Its Alright, he instantly brings us to a dynamic new musical dimension and energy level. Scott is fellow UCF employee, and a nice humble guy. He’s busy and active in the hip hop club scene, check out his myspace blog.

He’ll join us again next weekend at our Winter Park Art Festival gig (Sunday 3/22 11am), and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.

email resolution

I’m making a resolution: to keep my inboxes clean and uncluttered.   I’m following this advice from the NYT to act quickly and resolutely on every incoming message.

But first I’ve got to clean out the mess that is there.  I’ve got my work email pared down so far to from 700+ to 142 messages,  and my personal email sits at about 150+.

the Cloud

What is this business of “cloud computing“?    It refers to using web applications instead of desktop computer programs, and using web-based storage (flickr, instead of your own harddrive.

I’m not quite ready to give up my desktop media applications like photoshop and cool edit pro, but I’ve made the leap to for almost all my personal word processing and spreadsheets.    Google docs is not robust enough for my work documents.   My local image files seem kind of redundant since I got a pro account a couple of years ago.