another florida child missing

Good lord.   5 y.o. girl allegedly abducted from home in the middle of the night.  The home is a double wide trailer in extremely rural Putnam county.  The story’s 24 hours old and its already been on Nancy Grace.  Another lurid missing child case in my home state.

This is tragic, but here’s what stinks:  The missing girl was living with a younger sibling, her father (age 25) and the father’s girlfriend (age 17).  The girlfriend first reported the missing child and identified herself as the mother in her early AM 911 call.   (The actual birth mother lives in Georgia).  The Sentinel also reports that there are 44 registered sex offenders within a 5 mile radius of the home.  WTF?  Do they have a clubhouse up there or something?  Furthermore, players from the Duckett case and the Anthony case are already piling on this one.

IMO there’s an important sex offender a whole lot closer than 5 miles; the FATHER, who is sleeping and cohabitating with a 17 year old girl!.    Sometimes I think this state could just break off and fall into the ocean.

One thought on “another florida child missing”

  1. Be careful what you wish for. With the icecaps melting, we’ll be in the ocean all too soon. And yes, where are the parents of the girlfriend? Can somebody please call DCF?


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