Linda and I ventured down to the Disney area to see the B-52’s at the House of Blues.  HOB opened here in 1997, but we’d never been to this venue, which is right next door to the Cirque de Soleil theater.  It was not bad at all, the layout is like one giant blues bar with some limited food service.  For a show like this, they cleared the main floor and there was was very very limited seating around the perimeter with over 95% of the patrons standing. We ordered some bar food and had some drinks, then found a bench in a corner of the second floor to sit out the opening act, a local rockabilly band called Rocket 88. For the main show we crammed onto the main floor and stood and danced.

lousy cell phone photo

We chalked this one up for our 22nd anniversary, which is next weekend.  Linda enjoyed it more than I,  but everyone should add “see the B52’s perform Love Shack” to their bucket list.

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