I wanted to run the Disney half-marathon this year, but registration closes out very early, like 11 months in advance of the January event, and I was laughably late to sign up when I investigated last summer.   So I planned to get an early registration in this month for 2010.     Running/singing friend Seth urged me to consider the full marathon, and I’ve been thinking about it for the last 24 hours.  Coincidentally, this morning at the Y I met a woman who just Sunday completed her first Disney marathon, and it was a big goal for her.  A sign?

I just registered and paid my non-refundable fees for the full marathon, next January 10, 2010.   357 days to train.  Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “marathon-bound”

  1. Bob, You animal! Congratulations on this excellent commitment. I’m regsitered for Disney 2010 myself and I look forward to seeing you at the finish line. May this be an enjoyable and healthy year of training. Welcome to marathoning!
    Long may you run. Godspeed, Seth


  2. Oh. My. That is awe-ful. That is, I am filled with awe (not that it’s awful).

    (But tell me, is that Mickey laughing his ass off at the idea?)


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