The twitter service is getting increasing buzz in higher ed, so I joined up this morning.   Wikipedia describes twitter as a micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates, which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.   A user reports to the service as often as he likes, either by text message or through a website, and that short report is broadcast to all the users followers in the twitter network.   The whole thing can be managed through a mobile phone.

Some say that twitter is a bona fide game changer.

Problem is, its a social networking system that is kinda dependent on having a social network.   Once I created an account, the service combed through my email address book to see who was registered with twitter that I could link up with .  The only persons it found were nephew Austen (natch), sis-in-law Louise, and several work acquaintances with whom I am not social.   For me, this aint gonna happen.

Soccer. We got lots of soccer.

From guest blogger Rick.

08KelseySoccerSidelineSCREAM, Kelsey’s team of 13-year old girls has been playing together since 2nd grade. They’ve just completed their fall season. She is a leader and one of the better players on the team. She anchors the defense and sometimes plays the demanding mid-field position. During a tournament and the last game of the season, she scored a goal on a long (beyond the ‘18’) left-footed shot. They won.

Connor credits his coaches for his level of play. Since kindergarten, he has played on 19 recreational teams (spring and fall). Add in three middle-school teams and a few indoor winter leagues. It totals a lot of times he has put on his shin guards and cleats.

This fall’s recreational season was his best. He played center-forward on a team of great athletes. Soccer is called “The Beautiful Game” and the 2008 Predators were beautiful. Connecting passes, team defense, spacing, trust, headers on corner kicks. It added up to a 5-2-2 record. Versus an Oakland Hispanic team, they were down 4-1 at half. Final score 4-4. Another game had four lead changes – final score 7-6.

During the season, ten different players scored goals. A lot of them were set up by Connor’s unselfish play. He also scored 9 goals to lead the team.

In California, high school soccer is a winter sport. The football teams use the fields in the fall. As a freshman, he was the final cut. Connor made the JV team this winter and the Alameda High Hornets will play 21 games from November to February. It is a big commitment and a lot of soccer. Two hour practices every day. It is a good group of guys. A lot of his friends are on the team.

On a weekday night, he comes home tired, hungry and sweaty. He inhales the re-heated dinner and crawls into the bathtub.

Soccer. We got lots of soccer.


ConnorSoccerCard02 08SoccerConnorEstuary kelsey

Best Tree Ever

Every year I struggle with Christmas tree options. Linda likes a big cut tree. I prefer a small potted tree but I’ve never been able to keep them alive from one year to the next. The big cut ones are always such a production and a messy sticky hassle to get purchased and set up. And they cost more than a living tree for crying out loud.

Last weekend on the Sunday after Thanksgiving we were at Publix for weekly shopping and I noticed a small collection of cut trees on the sidewalk. The grocer said they only got this small shipment, and they just came in the day before. The 6-7’ers were marked as ‘on sale’ at $49. I said ring one up. I didn’t even cut the strings down to look any over. I just grabbed one and tossed on top of the Honda. All part of our regular grocery shopping.

At home when I cut the strings off it shook out to be a beautiful specimen. And it slipped right into the large plastic stand I purchased at discount in January a few years back – which I had not used before.

now the house is filled with the scent of greenery.

NYC Family Holiday video

Nephew Austen posted this awesome 6 minute video document of their Thanksgiving day. He completed a summer institute for filmmaking and it clearly shows. Also he’s getting into HD quality production, thanks to this sub-$200 camera! Ain’t technology grand.

ps. I first watched this video on my new web-enabled LG Dare touchscreen phone.