fishing is slow

pigs at canaveral seashoreI’ve been out several times this holiday break, but catching has been really poor.  Christmas eve, I made an early morning surf trip, and the highlight was spotting these feral pigs on the road when leaving the Canaveral Wildlife area.

On the 27th I spent a half day fighting winds down in Sebastian area, and the day was saved by a sailcat I landed on my final cast prior to heading in.  I was never so happy to catch a catfish.

On the 28th, Linda joined me for a half day launching from Long Point park, and the weather was beautiful, but it was maybe the worst fishing I’ve ever had down there – totally skunked.
boat trip 'shopped

On the 30th I took the day off to go to New Smyrna.  Another gorgeous day, and I did find some action and had one good fight with a bluefish in the currents of Ponce Inlet.   Here’s a nice sunset shot across from the boat ramp just before I called it a day.
new smyrna sunset

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