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Its been a few weeks now that I’ve been playing with my new LG Dare cell phone. Its a touchscreen iphone competitor with a built in GPS navigator and a web browser. It will attempt to render any web page that’s out there, but some web sites are specifically designed for viewing on a small cell phone screen and work a whole lot better. So these are the four best mobile sites that I’ve found and bookmarked on my device:
This is the gateway to mobile apps, including email, news, search, maps, youtube and more. This is my home page.
A mobile interface for wikipedia.  nuff said.
Local movie times! just enter your zip code and press GO.
The best weather lookup for mobile phones. Just enter a zip code and get current conditions, forecasts even radar pictures.

There are lots more such sites including special mobile versions of and the NY Times.  Beware, they may look a little odd if you view them in your fullsized computer browser window.

The irony of the LG device is that although it has excellent call quality, it is not as convenient nor ergonomic a phone as any of my previous models.

5 thoughts on “mobile web browsing”

  1. Hmmm, it’s weird, I don’t seem to recall any of these sleek, affordable touch-screen phones before June 2007…

    Of course the Dare is much more than an iPhone killer, and I’m sure it’s a phone in itself and better than the iPhone is some of it’s own ways, but my only question is…

    If you were already on AT&T would you have bought the iPhone over the Dare?

    And happy birthday!


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