The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel MaddowCheck this out.  Its weeknights at 9pm on MSNBC.   Maddow is a outspoken, gay, progressive political commentator with a colorful resume.  (Rhodes scholar, landscaper, morning zoo radio personality).  She’s shot to the top of the heap at MSNBC after being given her own prime time show just a couple of months ago.   She has several one-on-one interviews in each show.   And she is so incredibly smart!   And poised.   And witty.

You can see clips from her show here, but you can get audio and video podcasts of the nightly broadcasts the next day from here.  Stripped of commercials, the audio podcasts are about 45 minutes long.   Its great programming for my morning commute.

She also has a longer standing radio show on Air America which is available for download by subscription.

11/26 Update: After consuming several more shows, I’ve got to add that Maddow is a little bit of a smartass, and despite her refreshing POV, that could start to wear on me.

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