Silver Spurs Arena review

November 13, 2009

Robb Larson
General Manager
Osceola Heritage Park
1875 Silver Spur Lane
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Dear Mr. Larson,

My wife and I attended the Sugarland concert at the Silver Spurs arena this past Friday night.   These are the problems we encountered.

Traffic was backed up on Highway 192 for at least a mile.   We arrived at about 7:15pm, and bypassed the traffic line developed in the westbound right lanes on 192.  I was certain that there must have been additional events going on causing the traffic backup.  But no, the bottleneck was that there were only two men, wearing aprons, collecting parking fees for a venue that seats 10,000.   We did not arrive at the arena until almost 8pm and missed most of the opening act.

Our seats were terrible.  I purchased top level $49.50 seats through Ticketmaster within 5 minutes after they went on sale in August.  Our seats were in the upper deck in section 231 exactly perpendicular to the side of the stage.  Sight lines were horrible, and none of the sound was pointed in our direction.  We could see the video screens but not well.  We went to customer service and exchanged the tickets for seats we could have bought that evening. They were on the floor, which was immeasurably better then what we had, but we had to stand through the concert.   I spoke with two other couples near our new seats that had the same purchasing experience and swapped out like we did.

Finally, the concession lines were disastrous.   I made an attempt to buy some drinks, but after standing in line for 10 minutes with little forward motion, the show began and I returned to my seat.

And all of this for a show that was not even sold out.  It is very unlikely that we will return to Osceola Heritage park.


Bob Reed

baribob @,
407-625-0274 (cell)
2915 Little John Road
Winter Park, FL, 32792

PS. you may refer to, or even reply to, a copy of this letter on my blog at

2 thoughts on “Silver Spurs Arena review”

  1. I spent large dollars for first row seats and the security towards the end of the show was terrible and people were getting trampled. Traffic, Venue and Security, not coming back. I have forwarded my review of the Silver Spurs to booking agents in Nashville and LA.


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