National Honor Society

Last week Gina was inducted into the NHS, an achievement not reached by either of her parents.  Here’s daughter and friend Ben S. at the reception afterwords.  Ben was also inducted.

7 thoughts on “National Honor Society”

  1. YIPPEE! Many Congrats!Her Uncle Rick amd Her Aumt Deri also had that honor but it took some doing on Deri’s part. (See the story about it in “They Were Only Here on Loan”—–page 134)
    Grandpa Reed


  2. Well, I guess we see where I stand. Outside in the cold, looking through the window with my face pressed against the glass, admiring all the honorees and past honorees while they congratulate each other with glasses of port around a toasty fireplace.


  3. I spent a year as a member of mensa and going to their happy hour meetings. I just got tired of their number 1 topic of conversation: “If we’re so smart, why aren’t we rich?”


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