The ACORN accusations

I read something important about the ACORN issue.   ACORN is accused of falsifying voter registrations, that is, registering people that don’t exist, or registering people multiple times.   And yes, that has happened, I’m sure.    It’s reported that Mickey Mouse has been registered to vote by ACORN.

This is not the same thing as the federal crime of voter fraud.   Just because there are bogus registrations, doesn’t mean there will be fraudulent votes!   The voters still have to show up, show ID, and then they can only vote once.    And no one will let mickey mouse vote even if he does show up.  With ID.

Big difference, but unfortunately, not in the public’s mind.

ps.  This malfeasance does not mean that ACORN is a corrupt or crooked organization.  It means that ACORN has employed some low-wage personnel that are corrupt.  ACORN has a problem, but it’s a mangement problem, not a character problem.

Recording studio on a stick

This is on my christmas wishlist!   CoolTools writes about it and says

Remember when $200 digital cameras (became) able to take a picture as rich and detailed as a professional 35mm camera? Recorders like the Zoom H2 have crossed a similar threshold for sound. For under $200 you can record music, voice, sound at a quality nearly indistinguishable (for 95% of uses) from anything a professional model would do.

I looked at this gem many months back, and read about its more advanced sibling the H4 model, with a great deal of interest.  The less expensive H2 records 4 track sound even. And now that the price has dropped, its just the thing for quartet, opera chorus, and practice recordings. Amazon link.

Makeshift benefit show November 8

We’re hosting a benefit show on November 8:

(click for large copy)

Its produced by Pete Anderson for the Orlando Rotary and featuring Sweet Adelines quartet Double Trouble and UCF’s Crescendudes.

Saturday, November 8th at 7pm.
At Winter Springs High School Auditorium
130 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, FL 32708

$10 admission, families welcome, children under 12 are free!
Tickets available at all Seminole County Wachovia banks,
or write to

All proceeds benefit the family of recovering Iraq war veteran
John Borders.

Homecoming 2008

This weekend was WPHS homecoming, and the big dance party at Hard Rock Cafe was Saturday night. Gina without a male escort, but a bunch of her crewmates and other friends organized a dinner and limo ride before hand. As is the custom, worked into the evening itinerary was a photo stop with all the parents. I was out of town last year and missed it, but tagged along this time and helped organize and direct the group picture taking a little bit. Here’s my favorite.
There’s a complete photoset on flickr. See a slideshow here.