Tent AC

Tent air conditioningSome have asked about how the tent air conditioning went. The setup was pretty easy; I brought a small plastic table and cut the legs down to about 6 inches for it to sit on. I had to turn my tent backwards and use the large rear window panel for entrance and exit so that I could use the main door with a full corner zipper to place the AC. I placed the table half in and half out, and zipped up and placed a couple of clamps to hold the zippers in place. Then used some duct tape to close remaining gaps.

However, my high end “3-seasons” L.L. Bean tent is engineered for maximum ventilation, with huge mesh side windows and ceiling, all privacy protected by the rain fly. So it doesn’t ‘seal up’. Therefore, the AC couldn’t quite cool it down in sunny mid day, although it did fine on the rainy day and at night. I spent the better part of the rainy afternoon hunkered down watching a marathon session of season one Weeds on DVD.


The AC installation was clearly visible from the roadway and I got a couple of admiring inquiries about it.

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