The secret muslim problem

Although Long Point campground was nearly empty during my weekday stay, I did have a couple of political conversations, mainly with Obama supporters.   Thursday afternoon, a popup camper appeared in the site right next to mine, it turned out my neighbors were two senior ladies, one was visiting from New York to see her grandchildren.   I introduced myself and mentioned that I would be listening to the Palin-Biden debate later in the evening.  It was apparent that the one lady was a McCain supporter, but they weren’t really interested in the debate.

Much later, I was sitting back after cooking and cleaning up dinner (excellent flounder BTW, more on that later).  The debate coming through on my radio was clearly audible in both our campsites, and the neighbor wandered over making small talk about the persistent raccoons and the bugs.    She told me that one of her big issues was the Iraq war, and she definitely did NOT want us to cut out and leave.  In fact, she has a son serving in Baghdad, and she said he agrees, that he told her he’s fighting to keep “them” from attacking the US again, and he wants to finish the job.     That impressed me a bit, that she was pro-war even with her son over there in harms way.  But then she went on, to say that the thing that bothers her about Obama is that …  he doesn’t put his hand over his heart when he says the pledge of allegiance.

Excuse me??   I say.   That’s not an issue!   No, really, she says.  Well, I say, that’s like the argument that Obama is a secret muslim!!  Wait.  Do you think that Obama is a secret muslim???  She gives me a look.  YOU DO??   And she smirks back at me.  Oh for christ’s sake.   I tell her I’m terminating this conversation because that is just plain ignorant.    She takes great offense at that, turns on her heel and walks back to her campsite complaining out loud to her friend how she’s been insulted.

The question then is this: what do you say to someone with that belief?   Here, I’ll put the whole thing into words:  Obama is a secret Islamic terrorist who is going to take over the US by getting elected president.  And he’s got everyone in our country fooled except some extreme rightwing nutcases. does its usual thorough job of debunking all this, including the hand-over-heart fiction.  But I’m at a loss when trying to correct morons like this woman.  And this isn’t the first person I’ve encountered who believes that bullshit.   In fact, its the third.

2 thoughts on “The secret muslim problem”

  1. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

    On the one hand, SOMEone’s got to try to talk sense into people like that. On the other, I don’t think there’s anything you can say to change her ignorant mind.


  2. Obama a Muslim? I was astounded at at University Club function to hear a member say the same thing. I asked him if he was putting me on. He said “N0–look at his name”. I sputtered and stammered—I didn’t know where to begin.
    On reflection, this guy (who has a doctorate)is a true Southerner.Perhaps his belief about Obama is thinly disguised racial prejudice.


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